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Crestview Cap & Gown 2023 kindergarten pics. Click the link then on your class/teacher


I've started using Zenfolio again if you're interested in buying a digital print or other items.

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I've been blessed to take Upward Sports, Little Dribblers, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Track and Field and a number of other athletic events since beginning photography in 1988. My time is very limited so I am pretty picky with what I pursue these days. I really enjoy capturing life in action. For our local Ropes Eagles and Lady Eagles I attend what I can, take pictures of these events and post them to social media outlets. Images are free for family use.

If you're interested in some other aspect of photography let me know. Perhaps we can come to an agreement!

Stuff that Catches my Eyes

There is always something that I find interesting about almost any object of life situation. If I have a camera handy I'll try to capture that moment. Sometimes I share them on Facebook, Instagram, or other outlets. At times, if the image reminds me of a passage of Scripture, I'll do some limited editing and create a "motivational" poster.


Almost every car has some feature that is intriguing. Sometimes the whole car is a testimony to that era and I'll do my best to capture that image, and other times there are features of the vehicle that are so iconic they almost demand to be photographed. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe. That whole car is amazing. 1950 Studebaker Commander. Heard of it? I bet you'll recognize the "bullet nose"!

Just two examples. I post these images to Pinterest, and other social media outlets as well. These links are coming!


Photography Services

I really enjoy sports and action photography and have been focusing on action images for the past decade. I do some team sports and still help with Little Dribblers when a school needs that service. If you have a need perhaps I can help out!

Was I at your event? Look for pictures here;


Depending upon the event I can put together various packages according to needs. Wall graphics to baseball cards are available.


Next Steps...

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