Dreams vs Goals

Dreams are funny parts of our lives. Dreams are scary parts of our lives.  Dreams are exciting parts of our lives.
Which is it? And what do you do with them?

Dreams are not just those moments that invade our minds as we lie horizontal after the daily routine of life. They can be, but they are what inspires us to take a risk. They inspire us to believe we really can fly. I can fly in my dreams. Can you? My dreams are in color. How about yours?

We are told from the earliest days to dream big. Swing for the fence. Live like there is no tomorrow. You know the lines. But at some point dreams become the ammunition others fire at us. “Dreamer.” “Idealist.” Perhaps you’ve heard them before too. Perhaps you are guilty, as I am, of firing that ammo a time or two. We usually allow people to dream until they reach a certain age. Then it is time to grow up. Stop dreaming.

Dreams, however, need not fade like the sunset or fade like a rainbow from some storm on the horizon. A dream planted by God, and lived out for God, can bring excitement, fun and honestly, a little humility into our lives. Dreams are not accomplished in isolation but with the help of others.

God authored some pretty big dreams in the Bible. Three boys not bowing down because they had big dreams of remaining faithful when all bowed. Dreams bigger than a fire. One man who would stay faithful to his Lord even as he was being pummeled with rocks. Dreams bigger than fear of death. Two of the many. And people used their dream as ammo against them.

So how can you determine if your dreams are the stuff authored by the Giver of Dreams?

First. Ask who will receive praise and honor for this dream? Our Father? His Church? Only You? If this is a team effort, how will you handle it if someone else receives credit or gets more applause? (tough question)

Second. How does this show the love of God?
This is a tricky question. I’ve known people who’ve accomplished the dream of being a CEO of a purely secular company, yet used their resources for Kingdom purposes and were Godly the whole way up the ladder of success. God’s love poured from them at each rung on that ladder.

Third. Is your dream big enough? (Have you settled? Did someone fire ammo at you and cause you to alter your dream so it looked more like a “goal?” -more on goals in a future post-)

So I ask you, do you still dream big? Do you help others dream, or accomplish their dreams? Or do you fire ammo at those easy targets?

I dare you to dream big again, and share those dreams.

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