From a Thousand Feet and the Ground

They were doing a fly over at a parade this summer so I took a picture. There is a man in the back of this helicopter taking a picture of us on the ground. I’d like to see his photo, just to see if I’m visible taking his picture at the same time. I wonder what he was trying to capture? Did he see something that was humorous? Something curious? Just capturing the moment? But even though this was a parade flyover they were prepared for a situation. They were in full uniform. Waiting for the call.

Tomorrow morning my daughters begin another year of school. My wife another year teaching 3rd graders the finer points of…being a third grader! Lots of interaction in all kinds of real life situations. Humorous situations. Curious situations. Some situations requiring urgent care.

When I think about the gravity of what tomorrow means for the ladies in my life I can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. Will the boys begin to call my daughters. What if they do? What if they don’t? What if my wife gets a tough class this year? What if…?

I am reminded of two things:

First, my God does not slumber or sleep the Bible tells me in Psalm 121:4. He doesn’t get the nods and get startled back awake as Head bobs!  Over and over in the Bible the writers took great pains to let those seeking God know that He was with them, watching them, loving them. Even in the darkest days. Days of pain. God was there. The call was for faith even in the storm.

Second, God sees even the smallest detail and cares. Jesus said in Matthew 10:29 that not even a sparrow hits the ground without the Father knowing it and He cares for us more than many sparrows.

Tomorrow as my girls, all of them, begin this new season of living, I pray that in the sunshine or storm they, we, will know that our Father is watching us, caring for us…Loving us thoroughly.

I hope to remember that tomorrow morning when I wave goodbye. And when I pick them up. May they see in me a Faith that points them to our Father. He is always awake, in full uniform, waiting for the call.

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