Running with Scissors

They told us not to run with these but how could these scissors do any real damage? All they can do to paper is bend it! That is what I learned in the first grade in Mrs. Wootan’s class. That was about 35 years ago.

I was in Wal-Mart the other night. Behind me in line was  a familiar face. I ventured a guess. “Are you Mrs Wootan?” “Yes I am,” came a friendly smile. She clearly didn’t remember me. I received numerous swats from the woman. She couldn’t be thinking about me. I introduced myself by my “grown-up” name. She smiled and we talked a few more minutes, as I said good-bye she called me by the nickname I quit using in about the second grade.
But she still smiled and said goodbye, and God Bless you.
That is what I needed to learn in the first grade. Honestly, that is what I need to be reminded of every day. Of the blessing of God.
God knows me better than anyone, and He has chosen to bless me through His Son. And through so many other people in life. I am so tempted to only show my “grown-up” self to the people He sends my way. What a shame, honestly. If people cannot see the Grace of God in my life, in my broken, getting spanked, nicknamed self, how will they experience it in their real life?
It is still not a smart thing to run with scissors. But it is always advisable to share the blessing of God. Thank you Mrs. Wootan. God has blessed me, and you are evidence of the blessing.

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