Better Now Than Before

Do you remember Junior High Track…or even High School. In West Texas that means two things: 

1. Wind…without fail the wind would blow. Not a gentle breeze that cooled you down after a great race. A wind that almost stopped you every time you rounded a corner. Or a gust of wind that blew you backwards while trying to pole vault.


2. Dust…is my gum suppose to be crunchy?

Enough about dust. 

But today was a good day. Both wind and dust were present. But I didn’t have to run, jump, or fall. I pushed a button on my camera. It is much better now than before.

I used my Canon 7D with the 70-200 f2.8. What I was doing was playing with focusing areas. Tracking seemed better in the portrait view, as seen in this photo. When I used landscape position and adjusted the focusing area accordingly, the camera struggled to maintain focus. 

I met another man with the same setup. We had a lengthy discussion about the issue. Didn’t resolve it but enjoyed the conversation. By the way, the young man in this photo won his heat. I didn’t stay for the final but he will be a tough one to catch.

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