This B-17 saw limited action in WWII but today serves as a reminder of the countless men and women who invested their very lives in preserving the freedoms that we take for granted every day. Once these machines served to wreak havoc on the enemies of freedom, now they are memorials-markers to remind us of where we’ve been and the course we must journey upon to ensure justice and peace.

What memorials are there in your life? Markers that point to the justice and peace that have been granted you? Daily reminders that give the direction of the path of justice and peace are vital for most of us. For the followers of Christ we are given the Spirit within and the Word of God to direct us. Each day we set out on the journey of life with a common goal. To be bearers of peace. That peace was purchased with a great price. The Son of God. He fought the battle I couldn’t win. Justice for me comes through Him. Peace for me comes through Him. I look at the plane and I am thankful for the freedom I have. But the peace with God I have? May I remember that every day.

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