Gravity in Action, The Mustang 427R

(my old blog site cratered so I’m moving all my old posts here. (From May 22, 2010)

I parked near a red 2010 Mustang 427R yesterday.

The owner had parked about 15 spaces from anything so as not to get a ding or whatever. I walked over, took a couple of pictures with my phone, wiped the drool off my chin, prayed for forgiveness for coveting, then went to purchase graduation gifts for our seniors. I walked back out about 15 minutes later and there was a shopping cart up against the side of the car. Where did it come from? Of all the open spaces at that end of the lot it found the one area blocked. It had to maneuver through about 70 cars to have made it that far. Plus, none of the shops, to my knowledge, even have shopping carts!

It is seldom the thing we are worried about that gets us. We are blind-sided by random things. And the damage is rarely as bad as we make it out to be, but we dwell on it just the same.

I bet this car will be about 30 spaces out next time. But gravity will win and something will come near and you know it’s already weighing heavy on the mind of the owner.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

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