Holy Moses

from May 24, 2010 (still moving some posts that I want to remember from an old blog)

Our children’s choir put on a musical last night named, Holy Moses! It was pretty good and funny as well. It was written to model the show, Trading Spaces. A few adults participated as well, adding humor and crossing some generation gaps.

I videoed and took a few pictures. I’m still learning to video with my Canon 5D Mk 2. I used it last year to video but the audio was poor. I sat in the balcony with a good lens and mic but the actors were not miked so it was not great, although the video was. This year I sat on the front row but had to use a 17-40 mm lens. Some distortion but the audio is great. Ideally I need to be seated on a platform about 5 rows back and be able to move some. But I am not a professional. This is a children’s musical, and to do much more would really distract.

I love the Canon 5D mk 2 by the way. I have been using it for a year or so and continue to be awed by what it is capable of, if I were only half as capable.

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