(from May 28, 2010) I can be obsessive compulsive and maybe I am. Ask people who know me. When something gets my interest it tends to take over. So now it’s time pieces. Maybe just time. I don’t know.

I’ve always had a thing for clocks, watches, time pieces in general. I have two hour glasses. And I know that they are within 3 minutes of being accurate almost every time. I own a watch my dad got from his dad. An Elgin Deluxe wrist watch with seven jewels. I had it fixed and wear it from time to time. I have a pocket-watch that was my dads. It was repaired and keeps good time when I use it. I have a nice Swiss Army watch my family gave me. It adds a touch of class. I bought a Suunto Vector on ebay because my brother said they are amazing. It tells altitude, barometric pressure, has a compass, and other stuff, oh, and keeps good time!

Growing up, we had two old clocks in the house. A grandfather clock my parents bought in Germany in the early 60’s. It is black walnut and beautiful to look at. I think it has stopped working. My sister has it. There was also an old mantel clock. I’m not sure what happened to it. It may be in a box somewhere or gone. But I’ve always liked the looks and sound of a good mantel clock and grandfather clock. So a month ago I bought this clock at an estate sale for $15. No key and they were unsure if it worked. So I took it to our local clock repair man, The Clock Doc, and $80 later it sits in my office ticking and chiming.

They sell on ebay for $100-300 and the Clock Doc said mine is worth $350ish. I just like it. I did some research and have been watching them on ebay. I have almost bought about 10 more but held off or was outbid. My mind says, “get a few that have different chimes” so I started looking.

There are a bunch. But alas. Time is funny. Once I have a few pieces, what will be the next thing that occupies my time?
When I close my eyes I hear the steady tick of the clock. I remember the grandfather clock ticking at night when I was a boy. Could it be that long ago? I’m glad my time is not “up” but I am prepared.
I think there may be more to write about but I’ll end this…my clock just chimed.

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