I’m Your Venus, Ok, Maybe Not

(from June 15, 2010) We came out of worship at camp tonight and one of the guys I’m working with pointed out Venus just below the moon. (I took this with my 7D handheld with a 24-105 on f4-love my gear) That song from the 80’s popped into my head but I had the wisdom to leave it there.

I did have a great day filled with love. Most of all I was challenged by a powerful message to demand more of myself because of who Jesus is. But second, and by a long-shot I must add, I had the chance to visit with some friends I’d made while living in Alaska. The Bingham family showed me so much love when I lived there as a single GI and as a college student and as a young youth director. We shared stories and talked about where people are now and just enjoyed the time. I slept on their couch one time after driving 27 hours straight. I stopped by to say I’d made it back up and fell asleep in their living room. I woke up the next day. They just lived their life around me! It was awesome. I may get to see a couple of them later this week but today my stars were definitely in alignment.

No, God, in all His goodness, gave me a glimpse into His family. Thankfully I’m a part of it. I have a couch if any of you old friends is tired from a long trip.

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