(from Sept. 28, 2010) I’ve started picking up a few watches. This is a picture of a Elgin Veritas made in 1908. The movement tells all. Year made, Jewel count, Adjusted, and many other things. This is a Railroad Watch, made to keep accurate to to ensure the safety of the passengers and the cargo.

The detail of these watches is incredible. Each part serves a purpose. It one thing is not working correctly then the effects can be disastrous. In 1891 a train conductor’s watch stopped for 4 minutes then restarted. He didn’t know it. There was a collision that took the lives of a great number of people. All because a part in the watch didn’t do it’s job.

We are created the same way. Each person is significant. Intricate. Designed for a specific purpose. I hope that I do what I was intended to do today. The results can be great! Veritas, the name of this movement, is Latin for “truth.” I know the Truth. I hope He can direct my life this day.

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